about us

JWR HONDA RACING - The only MXGP series team that is Swedish!

We compete at the highest level called MXGP and at the same time have a goal to win the Swedish Championships 2022 and be among the 10 in the MXGP series. To succeed with that, we have the best riders imaginable, our MXGP series stars with an international routine have a great chance of performing well in the Swedish Championships. Our riders are well known in motocross circles and what we do in the industry arouses curiosity and creates headlines in the media.
One of the most important things to be able to win is that you have the right conditions when it comes to the motorcycle, so our MXGP series machines from Honda are well prepared to win.

After attending the Swedish championship and trying MXGP 2018, the JWR MXGP Team was ready to take the next step for 2019 and ran 15 competitions in the MXGP series. We have since increased to 18 competitions and for 2022 we take the next step and will be active in all 20 competitions.


Johan Westermark
CEO & Founder