We have taken the media genius Niklas Hampinen from the World Subaru Rally team who will support the team with videos, social media, marketing and drive the team online on the track. And in 2022, the JWRTV show will be launched, which is super exciting and shows that JWR is setting the trend in social media. For 2022, we will be the first MX team to have its own podcast. So we set new trends in these interactive times, and we are here to help you broaden your brand and create customer awareness. We give you reports, images that are ready to use for your marketing.

What we can do for you is to be seen and interact with us and our followers. We are the team that leads the interactive marketing together with our drivers and sponsors, we have a massive following, so every time we post something, we have incredible impact for you as a company.

This means that your company will be seen by over a million potential costumers throughout the social media platforms and on the tracks! 

Patrik erlandsson
Marketing coordinator